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What's Wrong With Me?

June 11, 20243 min read

What if your inner critical voices acts as a spell, influencing you to try over and over again to fix something that is not even wrong with you?

This spell would sound like the voice of the inner critic reinforcing the self-perceived flaw that you are not good enough.  It would then cause you to strive over and over again to try to fix what is actually nothing wrong with you!  Ultimately causing you to miss out on the life you want…

Regardless of what it is labeled, a spell, an illusion, a lie, a misunderstanding, a false belief, the truth is these critical voices inside our minds alter our life experience. 

These thoughts hold us back. 

They cause us to fight, to run away, to play small and to hide who we really are.

As you dim your “light” believing you are not enough, the world loses the benefit of the spark of your true inner spirit. 

Then…the world is deprived of the unique special gift each of us are.

And you, unknowingly further deprive yourself from what you asked for, sought out, worked for.

Over time, without the unique contribution each of us could make, the world gets more and more troubled. 

Then, as we live in this troubled world, we fixate on all that is “bad” or wrong with us and around us.

               This means self-perceived flaws cause our view of the world to go dark! 

It is as if this inner critical voice causes us to look around with blinders on and see dark everywhere.

Next thing you know, those self perceived flaws that scared us long ago, emerge as forms of self protection and we hide our own inner light from ourselves and everyone else.

Ohhhh, we could say, “that’s terrible, how could that be?” 

We could ruminate about it, we could cast vicious rumors about it all, we could gossip and blame others. 

Or we could admit this habit of thought is not serving us and choose to look for the light and see wonder all around us.

               We could choose to consider what is wonderful about the world, what is special about ourselves and unlike any other!

               We could choose to recognize ourselves as a unique contribution to the world!

               We could choose to let light shine on who we really are so we begin to sparkle again!

               We could choose to become magical in this way!

It is quite simple really; choose light over dark.

What if all that is wrong is that we have been under a spell of our own making? The spell of the inner critical voice!

That would mean we can change it any time we want!

I choose to sparkle!

I choose to illuminate the fact that we choose what to believe in!

I invite you to choose to believe in your own light!

What a world it could be!

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With 20+ years in Corporate America, Jodi’s decision to embrace the creation of HerQuest is the cumulative result of her professional experience in developing strategic business relationships and her personal desire to Empower Women.

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