How 5 Choices Add Up to Creating “The Unknown”

How 5 Choices Add Up to Creating “The Unknown”

February 28, 20243 min read

My sister commented on the picture I posted of the fire I built while solo camping, my reply to her was “I was taught well!” 

That got me thinking about how did I learn that each piece of wood, the kindling, and the newspaper was a vital contribution to sparking a flame that would successfully become a warm roaring fire.

I learned how when I had a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of building a fire.  I perfected my ability by doing it again and again.  I didn’t know at the time I was creating neural pathways that allowed me to learn how to efficiently build a fire. 

Years later, I can still pull into a campground, prepared with seasoned wood in my car, the knowledge to gather the sticks for kindling before it gets dark, and have a roaring fire within minutes.

What about when I want to experience something unknown that I can’t see with my own two eyes?  

I’ve come to understand how 5 choices allow me to absorb “the unknown” into my life experience!

  1. Once I learned to clear my thinking of limitations, my mind became wide open to the potential beyond what I can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. 

This choice freed me from the powerful influence of my physical senses.

  1. Then I began to recognize that every relationship, of every kind, that I’ve ever had, held one of two potentials.  Either the opportunity to mutually discover and celebrate life in some way or the opportunity to receive more clarity about myself, the choices I can deliberately make, and how to apply them in my day-to-day life. 

This choice freed me from habits of self-protection and allowed me to experience compassion, forgiveness, and a tender, gentle love for myself and every other person in my life, past and present.

  1. Next, I accepted I am here to revel in life, to feel experiences deeply, to recognize a bump in the road as an opportunity to adjust my focus, to mind my own business, and trust that everyone else is also simply finding their way. 

This choice freed me from a habit of taking things personal, allowed me to let myself and everyone else off the hook, and appreciate we are each responsible for our own happiness.

  1. Then I chose to embrace the fact that this world is infused with and surrounded by a loving spirit, who is available to each of us through our intuition.   

This choice allowed me to realize that there are many paths available to connect with my intuition.

  1. Last, I chose to deliberately open my limitless mind and appreciate the clarity it held, embrace giving and receiving tender gentle love, trust that all is being worked out in a perspective so broad that I can’t see it with my physical eyes.

This choice allowed me to experience the faith that even when it is completely unknown to me, I can feel my way and draw it to me bit by bit, step by step until it comes flooding into my now! 

Once I didn’t know how to build a roaring fire. After having a personal experience, I saw I could!

Once I didn’t know how to allow something “unknown” into my life, 

by experiencing the process personally, I saw I could!

So can you.

Want some help getting started?  I’d be honored to help you and invite you to set up a complimentary time to chat here.

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