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“I realized that our culture taught me that my emotions were not to be trusted.  I was told they were too big. I have denied them. Blocked them. Despised them. Today, I make a different choice. I consider them my barometer, a guide to CREATING the life I want.”

- Jodi, Founder of HerQuest

Get to Know the Founder of HerQuest

Jodi Hinkle

Jodi Hinkle’s smile reflects her joy when guiding women on how to reach beyond what they already know and discover how to revel in the pleasure of daily life.

As the Founder of HerQuest, she guides women through transitions by reacquainting them with the guidance of their personal emotions. By embracing the value of the unique personal journey that led to their “now”, each woman identifies the precise steps for them to move through emotional barriers and move forward with their lives.

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“I am a woman who lost track of herself. 

At one point, I would have explained it as

having no choice but to overwork

and neglect myself and my family. 

But now that I stand in a different place,

I hold a different perspective, and I see the world and the past in a very different light. 

- Jodi, Founder of HerQuest






















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Who Will You Meet?

August 01, 20222 min read

There are millions of people in the world. Why do we stumble into who we do?

What is the chance that the person you will cross paths with today will be:

  • The next step along a series of steps unfolding into a path

  • The people who also want a different life experience

  • The solution to each other’s problems

  • The person you can create fertile soil with so that what you create together takes root and grows

  • The people who not only have the desire but also the faith to trust their own intuition so that we expand, grow, and succeed together

  • The co-creator you will celebrate with

  • The answer to your prayers

If you’re a business owner collaborating with others have you asked yourself the question...why did we stumble into each other?

If you’re a business owner wanting to expand beyond where you are standing...have you realized who you are being drawn to and why?

HerQuest Consulting & Coaching designs business alliances based on the Power of where each contributor stands NOW and an understanding of Personal Intuition.

We develop customized success plans, integrated with custom progress markers designed to move beyond the normal emotional resistance that comes with personal growth and expansion.

Our 3-step process includes:

  • Blending various business owner’s products and services into an e-learning experience and packaged together with your coaching services to ensure full application of learning

  • Integrating the educational process with timely support offers to ensure each participant receives the nurturing guidance they need to succeed

  • Executing a joint promotion plan for all contributors with the help of our team of Virtual Assistants

For those who want to receive the added value of our Done for You Expansion Plans, you can choose from:

  • Virtual Conversations & Podcast Campaigns

                        o Be Featured, Be Promoted – You Simply Show Up in Your Zone of Genius

  • Social Media Group Engagement

                        o Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Found

  • Pillar Webinar and Blog Series

                        o Deliver High-Value Content and Revenue as We Develop the Project 


Regardless of what you choose, ensure your success by joining us as we analyze the data that is tracked throughout the development and executive stage so that we quickly refine and maximize connections with more of your ideal target customer.

The best way to determine if this "done for you" solution is the best option for you is to join us here

We have designed a series of social media posts to help you discern if this community is the best fit for you. We encourage you to consider the questions so your personal intuition has a chance to influence you rather than any skepticism that could be triggered by past disappointments.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Sending much love,


I hope to see you on the inside!

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Jodi Hinkle

With 20+ years in Corporate America, Jodi’s decision to embrace the creation of HerQuest is the cumulative result of her professional experience in developing strategic business relationships and her personal desire to Empower Women.

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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!