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“I realized that our culture taught me that my emotions were not to be trusted.  I was told they were too big. I have denied them. Blocked them. Despised them. Today, I make a different choice. I consider them my barometer, a guide to CREATING the life I want.”

- Jodi, Founder of HerQuest

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Jodi Hinkle

Jodi Hinkle is a compassionate and dedicated guide, committed to helping women accelerate their personal satisfaction by resolving past emotional entanglements that trigger disruptive habits and perpetuate a limited life experience. With her deep understanding of the human psyche, Jodi has honed the skill of helping her clients uncover the unconscious motivators that silently hinder their progress. Through this guidance, women are empowered to unlock their true potential and embrace a life filled with fulfillment.

In Jodi's presence, individuals are inspired to embrace their true potential and create a life filled with boundless possibilities. Her empathetic nature and deep understanding of the human experience make her a trusted confidante and guide. Through her transformative services, Jodi creates a supportive environment where women can release their fears, overcome limitations, and unlock their true brilliance.

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“I am a woman who lost track of herself. 

At one point, I would have explained it as

having no choice but to overwork

and neglect myself and my family. 

But now that I stand in a different place,

I hold a different perspective, and I see the world and the past in a very different light. 

- Jodi, Founder of HerQuest






















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Eliminating the Inner Critic Inside My Head

Eliminating the Inner Critic Inside My Head

November 01, 20223 min read

Perhaps it started as someone else's voice but it had become my own for a very long time. It had become such an automated part of my thinking I often did not know it was even there.

The words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves remind me what it sounds like:

No one will want to listen to you.No one will do it.
No one will believe you.
No one will follow you.
No one will want it.
They will ignore you.
They will forget it.
It’s already been done.
It’s not the right time.
Who do you think you are?

I needed a reminder because the inner critic has been eliminated from my mind. It all started when Brenee Brown called my attention to the power of shame. She taught me how to recognize the hidden shame in my life.

Recognizing Shame...
that ceaseless, internal berating of one’s self that causes an erosion of the soul.

At first, I was confused by how random it was when the feeling of shame reared up.

Then, I realized I had specific thoughts every time I felt the shame.

Then, that these thoughts led to more thoughts until I had a pit of discomfort at the core of me that ached physically.

Then as effortless as the next ocean wave, my mind would flip and I would find myself blaming someone else for some circumstance in my life and examining the details with the eyes of a skeptic.

Just as quickly, I would recognize how unacceptable my own thoughts had become and once again feelings of shame would wash all over me. 

Jodi Hinkle, HerQuest

I was standing in the new knowledge of this thought/feel loop when I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. I fully believe the teacher arrives the moment the student is ready and easily trusted I was being guided once again.

After reading a few of his books and sampling his meditations, I chose to focus on “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. The concept he teaches, that my body produces specific chemicals and hormones based on how I feel emotionally, makes great sense to me. I was already aware that we, as humans, acclimate to the dominant “mood” in our lives but I had no idea my body had also become physically addicted to the chemicals and hormones associated with the emotions I consistently felt.

No wonder changing old habits was so hard! No wonder I kept asking myself what I was doing wrong!

Despite how much I wanted to change my life, my physically addicted body kept urging my mind to think thoughts that would stimulate the chemicals and hormones it wanted a “hit” of. It may sound a bit preposterous to you but all I can say is this is not bullshit.

What Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches has allowed me to eliminate automated thinking and feeling habits that once I was completely unaware of.  Talk about blind spots! Old unresolved thoughts and feelings of abandonment and betrayal have been pretty easily removed from the way I think now.

The impact has been felt in every relationship and in every aspect of my life, including health, mental clarity, and inner harmony. 

My inner voice has changed in so many ways! The biggest one is the inner critic is gone. At first, I didn’t know what felt so different and then I realized that my inner critical voice was gone. It was no longer berating me. Wow.

If you'd like to explore Dr. Joe Dispenza's process too, please join a complimentary book study using the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Register Here: https://herquest.net/book-study

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Jodi Hinkle

With 20+ years in Corporate America, Jodi’s decision to embrace the creation of HerQuest is the cumulative result of her professional experience in developing strategic business relationships and her personal desire to Empower Women.

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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!