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The Unknown

December 01, 20222 min read

I used to have an amazing imagination. Some of my favorite memories are of telling my kids imaginary stories, with each of them playing the parts of major characters. Adventure after adventure, where they face the opportunity to explore something unknown to them.

Yet I found when I tried to envision the life I want to create, “how” questions would barrage me and I would end up stimulating doubt instead of desire.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has taught me my future is unknown to me. I do not have the capacity to “see” it.  If I did, it would not be unknown; It would be predictable!  It was such a relief to know my attempts to see what I wanted my life to be were actually keeping me inside my limited perspective.

Instead by marrying a clear intention with an elevated emotion, I draw the energy of the feeling I want to experience to me. My ability to stay in an untroubled state of mind has grown by leaps and bounds quickly.

It is easy to understand that life circumstances can and maybe always will cause feelings of stress, but now I know it is in these moments that I fall back into my survival habits.  The habits that live where fear runs the show, where decisions are made with safety in mind and the thought of inviting in the unknown is terrifying.

The tools I have learned and applied, from Dr. Joe, have brought me astounding results.  He utilizes a walking meditation where you walk into your future, you experience the feeling of your preferred future inside your body and you can literally feel it radiating off of you. It has been one of the most astounding experiences in my life.

These highly charged walks into my future have paved the way to more and more and more of what I seek.

I want to share Dr. Joe’s tools with you and invite you to join us for a complimentary book study using Dr. Joe’s book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. The audiobook and guided meditations will be provided. Those who wish to purchase the book can do so on Amazon or on Dr. Joe’s website. 

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With 20+ years in Corporate America, Jodi’s decision to embrace the creation of HerQuest is the cumulative result of her professional experience in developing strategic business relationships and her personal desire to Empower Women.

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