An Affair of the Heart

An Affair of the Heart

October 01, 20223 min read

Recently I deliberately learned how to open my heart in a way that I have not known before. I became aware of how limited I was in describing the experience of love. Since I am one who really appreciates the power of words, I was shocked to find my personal description of love was WEAK!

I went on a journey to stretch my mind wide open as I pondered words and more words that depict love. These are the words that rose to the top when I considered the concept of “An Affair of the Heart”.

Warm-Hearted:  The habit of being considerate, in unexpected ways, simply because one is so present in the moment.

Romantic:  The opportunity to share a “moment” in the middle of some kind of chaos and become oblivious to anything else around you.

Compassion:  Having the ability to feel the depth of someone else’s hurt and appreciate it with them without increasing the discomfort.

Tenderness:  Having the ability to hold a vulnerable moment with tender loving care.

Enthusiasm:  The feeling of excitement gathering in your chest, building, and building until it bursts out of you with a smile, a shout, or a laugh.

Passion:  The energy behind what one feels for someone or something that feels like everything is on fire.

Eagerness:  When one has plans and absolutely knows no matter what the specifics are, it is going to be a good time.

Kindness:  When one feels vulnerable and they unexpectedly receive the gift of acceptance.

Affectionate:  When one wants to be close to someone because you can feel your own energy and the other person falling in sync when you touch.

Relish:  When one wants to be close to another person just because it feels delicious.

There, much better!  As I was writing the feelings behind each of these “affair of the heart” depictions, I physically felt each one viscerally.

Before I applied Dr. Joe Dispenza’s tools, I wouldn’t have been aware of my inability to envision love in a way that evoked a feeling in me. He taught me about being “addicted to the emotions” tied to my past. He helped me to understand how my mind and body work in tandem to create a loop that kept retriggering the chemical and hormonal reaction that caused and perpetuated my addiction.

I was astounded, yet it made perfect sense to me.  He explained the specifics I have not been able to explain!  The impact of applying Dr. Joe’s tools has been astounding to me personally and professionally.

  • I have received great clarity about the patterns in my life that had become so automated, I literally didn’t know they were there.

  • I suddenly lost interest in drinking coffee and alcohol. My appetite for food has seriously been reduced. I feel like I barely think about food. The systems that make up my body feel like they have had a tune-up

  • The majority of the time, my mood has been peaceful and relaxed, even when I am fully occupied with multiple projects.

  • I now understand that when I feel unsettled emotionally, that feeling of upset is a precursor to stepping into a new understanding. The only requirement is to face a new fact about myself that I am ready to release. When I don’t try to push away that discomfort, I actually move through it quickly and then stand in renewed strength.

  • I’ve climbed into bed and curled up for hours and learned how to be gentle with my expectations of myself. I have allowed myself to “sink in” and rest without reminding myself of the “to-do” list over and over again.

  • I’m walking a four-mile loop with ease.

  • My focus on my two businesses is on point in every single way and moving forward in many fun directions.

I could go on and on.

If you want to see if you resonate with Dr. Joe’s tools, join us in a complimentary book study using “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This is where I learned exactly what has produced the staggering results I have described.

Love yourself enough to show up!

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